Investment Highlights

  • Industry leader in a traditionally stable niche of the retail industry
    • One of the largest U.S. providers of infant/toddler bedding, bibs, soft goods and accessories


  • Attractive line of leading name-brand and private-label merchandise
    • Diverse distribution channels
    • Strong licensing and retail relationships throughout the United States


  • Well positioned for continued future growth
    • Organic growth through continued product category diversification, further channel diversification (e.g., international sales) and new placements with key retailers
    • Continued pursuit of opportunistic acquisitions
      • Three accretive acquisitions over the past several years
      • Strongly positioned as industry consolidator in fragmented market
    • Strong cost-containment best practices and track record


  • Steadily increasing financial performance for Fiscal Year 2012
    • Net income up 17%, and earnings per diluted share increased by more than 15%
    • Company branded sales increased 22% in each of fiscal years 2010 and 2011 and increased 7% in fiscal 2012
    • Healthy balance sheet, eliminating all remaining debt
    • Cash flow was a healthy $8.3 million
    • Issued special cash dividend of $0.50 per share paid on December 27, 2012

Investor FAQs

  • What is the Company’s long-term growth strategy? The Company's long-term growth strategy emphasizes continued product innovation, particularly within its well-known branded product lines; ongoing end-market diversification; international expansion; opportunistic acquisitions; and rigorous cost-containment efforts to maintain a healthy balance sheet and preserve strong operating cash flows.


  • What are the Company’s primary brands? The Company’s portfolio of well-respected brands include NoJo infant and toddler bedding, blankets and accessories; Neat Solutions disposable products; and the Bibsters line of disposable bibs. In 2010, the Company also entered the approximately $50 billion pet market through a newly launched pet bedding and accessories product line called Neat Solutions for Pets.


  • What licenses does the Company hold in the U.S.? In addition to its strong branded products, Crown Crafts holds a number of premier licenses for its products, including Disney Baby, Sesame Street, Fisher-Price, Nickelodeon, Crayola Beginnings, Baby Looney Tunes and more.


  • For whom does the Company provide private label products? The Company has private label programs with Wal-Mart (“Parent’s Choice” products), Target (“Circo” products) and Toys “R” Us/Babies “R” Us (“Koala Baby” products).


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